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The garden in September

Shorter days, sultry temperatures, late summer has begun. The end of summer is great for the garden. The days are often still warm and in the morning there is a beautiful dew on nature.


This is what you can do in your garden right now:

  • The grass will continue to grow to about 4 degrees above zero, so keep mowing. However, you can put the mower slightly higher, so that the grass is a little stronger if there are frosts.
  • If your lawn needs a facelift, or if you want to lay a new lawn, late summer is the ideal time to do so. The seeds germinate well, because the ground is still heated.
  • Roses still bloom on. Periodically remove the faded flowers to benefit the further flowering.
  • Clean used birdhouses. At this time, all birds use the nest boxes as a place to sleep.
  • Cut shrubs, conifers and lavender again, so they’re tight when winter starts.


ELIET has multiple machines to facilitate these jobs for you. For exemple, you can use the seeder GZC 1000 for seeding a complete lawn. To renovate your lawn, you can use the ELIET overseeder DZC 600 or the brand new DZC 450.