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The Garden in November

Winter is approaching in November and Flowers and plants slowly fall asleep. But especially during this time of the year you can enjoy a few plants which are growing in the chilly winter months. For example, think of the Christmas roses, snowdrops and witch-hazels. Moreover, there is plenty to do in the garden in November:


  •     Cover all perennials with leaves or compost.
  •     Remove the leaves from the lawn so that the young plants underneath do not suffocate. ELIET leaf blowers can help you with this.
  •     Even on the coldest and sombrest of winter days, winter violets bloom amazingly: Plant them now in front of a colourful terrace or balcony.
  •     As long as it doesn't freeze, shrubs and trees can be pruned.
  •     Many useful animals will also choose your garden for the winter if there is a shelter for them to find. A pile of stones and a layer of leaves are enough. Your garden will literally live a lot more.
  •     Cut the lawn edges neatly. ELIET has several lawn edgers in its range that can help you with this, such as the ELIET KS 300 PRO HD.