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The garden in May

The delicious and often sunny month of May has arrived. From May onwards, you can tell by looking at nature, that summer is near. All trees are blooming, and spring is at its peak. In May, the following garden jobs are planned:

  • Plant geraniums in flower containers.
  • Start mowing the grass on a regular basis from now on. If you have not already done this, you should first pull out the weeds and other unwanted guests and sow eventual bald spots in your lawn.
  • Before you start pruning, check the hedges for possible birds’ nests.
  • Evergreen hedges such as boxwood, holly, hedgerow and conifers, can be pruned during the month of May. The pruning of these hedges is possible until August, however young shoots will develop better now than later on.
  • Remove perennials that are not growing yet. They have not endured winter very well and should be replaced by new ones.
  • Take care of your lawn edges and make them nice and straight. This is the finishing touch for your lawn.

ELIET has a full range of machines for the construction and maintenance of your lawn. This includes ELIET scarifiers, lawn edgers, seeders and overseeders. The DZC 600 overseeder renews your outdated lawn in no time and plants new grass seeds into your existing lawn to turn it into a healthy and resilient lawn. Ask your gardener about this or visit our website on www.eliet.eu