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The Garden in December

December is a rather quiet month in the garden. The temperature gets close to zero and a lot of animals go into hibernation.
Do you like birds to keep visiting your garden? Then hang up birdhouses everywhere and fill them up with nuts, seeds of all sorts and water.
During winter there is not much to do in the garden but to make plans for spring. Or you can dream away in a cozy arm chair, close to the fire place
and enjoy the idyllic landscape with a nice book at hand. If you want to come out anyway despite the cold weather, then this is what you can do:

- Protect sensitive plants from the freezing cold
- Keep the lawn free of falling leaves
- Trim berry-plants in shape
- Water flower pots and tub plants that are inside
- Take leaves out of the gutter
- Clean bird houses and fill them up with good stuff for the birds
- Hang up the Christmas lights in the garden to get in the mood for the holidays