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The garden in March

In March, when the first sunbeams appear, nature awakes. During this spring-weather, most plants start to bloom. The first green leaves appear and spring flowers provide a colorful spectacle. It’s about time we start spending some more time in the garden. If there’s no continuous frost, here are some tasks at hand:

  • The time is ripe to plant berry bushes, such as raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and currants,

  • fertilize your ornamental garden and your vegetable garden,

  • plant bare winter roses and climbing plants,

  • divide perennials,

  • plant flowering bulbs and turnips,

  • start installing flower beds,

  • use a scarifier to remove moss from your lawn.

A scarifying machine mechanically removes moss, dead grass, weed and other unwanted guests from your lawn, thereby giving the grass more space to grow into a healthy and packed lawn. Choosing the right machine is very important. The Permanently Sharp BladesTM that are installed on all Eliet scarifiers guarantee a constant output and sharp blades for at least 100 working hours. Read all about it on www.eliet.eu