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Shredding fun all over the year!

Trees and shrubs take on their autumn leave colours. This beauty of colours makes nature at its best. However, for the gardener, autumn brings a lot of work with it: Aftercare of the lawn, thinning out borders, pruning trees and shrubs and especially clearing leaves and so much more to do! To remove this green waste in an environmentally conscious and efficient way, you can shred this waste and recycle it into compost or mulch.
ELIET 4S shredders have a patented technology that allows to process the specific pruning waste in each season:

  •     Suitable for all kinds of green waste.
  •     Pre-sorting is not necessary.
  •     No risk of clogging despite leafy or damp green waste.
  •     Suction effect increases output comfort.
  •     The final result are fast-composing chips.
The ELIET Minor & Major 4seasons (4S) shredders operate according to the Chopping PrincipleTM, and are equipped with the Turbo DischargeTM system. A suction turbine creating a kind of vacuum effect that sucks the green waste into the shredder and then blows the shreds out through a rotating blow chute. The permanent air flow of the turbo generator constantly cleans the system, so that clogging is virtually impossible.