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The garden in June


In June, the garden is at its best.After the hard work, you can now enjoy someofthe beautiful daysin June by putting your garden furniture outside. Enjoy thetasks that are already done and admirenature.For those who can’t suppresstheitchto work inthegarden,there are the followingjobs at hand:

It is timeto plantfallvegetables like eggplants, cucumber, zucchini,peppers,springleeks, pumpkins.

Weedingremains atime-consumingbutmuch-neededtask.

Removeflowerslikelupines, delphiniums, euphorbia, veronica's ... that stopped blossoming.

Protect thefruitinyour garden fromhungrybirds.Installprotectionsuch asanet foryourraspberriesandcurrants.


Hedges ofyew,thuja, beech, hornbeam, privet, hollyandthe fast-growingLeylandconiferscanbepruned inJune.When you trim them before the longestday of the year (June 21st), they will still form new shoots.Usually you'll have toprune asecond timein August.This puts thetask of cuttingthehedgesforthisyear behindyou. It’s best to pruneon a somewhatgloomy, overcast day. The ElietshreddersandElietCameleonMwillassist you inclearing upthegreen waste.


Depending on the growth of the plants, you should mow the lawnonce or twice aweek. Mow less during dry periodsanddon’t mow the grass too short. When it’s hot outside, it’s best to mow during the evenings, to prevent dehydrationdue to excessiveevaporation. That’s because freshlacerations,caused bythemowing,evaporate much more. Scatter fertilizer onthelawnif rainispredicted and repeat after amonth.This will keep yourlawnhealthy!Check the lawnfor diseased patches.
When nice weathercontinues for a while, water yourlawn,flower beds andother plants continuously for several hours instead of repeated short periods of 15 minutes.Always waterinthemornings. At night, water does not soak up as well as in the mornings which can cause mold.If necessary, you create a new straightedgetoyourlawnorflower beds, which is the finishing touch for your lawn.

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always ask a professional gardener to do this for you! Forthe right material, we refer yout our website