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New line of self-propelled E-ZR scarifiers

This year ELIET has completed its range of dethatchers with 3 new 'self-propelled' models. The E450ZR, E550ZR and E650ZR not only offer unprecedented user comfort but also a 30% higher raking performance. 

With the introduction of the 'self-propelled' E-ZR machines, ELIET is ushering in a new era in dethatching. Thanks to the new range, the garden contractor wins 4 ways: 
Increased user comfort
The new E450ZR, E550ZR and E650ZR dethatchers are self-propelled, which increases their comfort and ease of use. The powerful engine ensures a constant driving speed, regardless of the terrain. This also eliminates the need to push the machines yourself.
To further ensure user comfort, the machines are equipped with shock absorption in the handlebars. This feature eliminates almost all vibrations of the machine, ensuring a more pleasant working experience.
Time saving
The new E-ZR series is standard equipped with our Double CutTM blades. These are ultra-thin blades that are set just 15 mm-6” apart from each other. One pass is therefore sufficient to achieve maximum cleaning, making cross-dethatching no longer necessary in most cases. In addition, these blades also cause less damage to the grass, which ensures that the lawn recovers more quickly.
Higher dethatching efficiency
A special feature of these dethatchers is that the blades rotate in reverse. This rotation of the blades ensures that thatch and moss are lifted out of the turf much more efficiently. This results in a dethatching yield that is easily 30% higher. All models are also equipped with our permanently sharp blades. Due to the self-sharpening concept on these blades, they do not lose their gripping power on the moss. 
Better surface finishing
The traction-propelling effect is achieved by means of a rubber roller at the back of the machine. This roller ensures that the dethatched area is immediately flattened again and any unevenness is levelled out.
selfproppeled detachers ELIET
The new range of E-ZR dethatchers is available in three models: E450ZR, E550ZR and E650ZR, with widths of 45 cm-17”, 55 cm-21” and 65 cm-26” respectively. Thanks to these innovative machines, 'qualitative dethatching' will become the new standard!
Product specifications:
  • Width: 450-550-650 mm   17 – 21 – 26 ‘’
  • Blades: Double CutTM Knives (54-66-78 pcs / 15 mm- 5/8” spacing)
  • Rubber traction roller diam. 150 mm - 6”
  • Travel speed: 2.5km/h  1.5m/h
  • Dimensions: 1230 x 630 x 1050 mm - 1230 x 730 x 1050 mm - 1230 x 820 x 1050 mm    48x41x 25” 48x41x29”  48x41x33”
  • Weight: 85 kg - 93 kg - 120 kg      188 – 205 – 265 lbs.
  • Engine: 5,5 hp Honda GX160 - 6,5 hp Honda GX200 - 9 hp Honda GX270
  • Depth adjustment: infinitely variable adjustment
  • Wheel drive: rubber traction roller Ø 150 mm - 6”
  • Shock absorbing handlebar