Eliet Creative LabTM

Time does not stand still. Certainly not at Eliet. That's why at ELIET our designers are already working now on tomorrow's machines. New prototypes are created in our own research and development department, ELIET CREATIVE LABTM, that will determine the future of the market. Driven by its enthusiasm and implemented hands-on experience, Eliet continues its search for applications that will make your garden work even easier in the future. Quality, safety and care for the environment in which we live are of paramount importance.
Our engineers constantly work on the improvement of existing machines in addition to designing new machines.
We find the remarks and questions you make, our customer, very important within this context. This ensures that we can continue to guarantee in the future that you can achieve added value with your choice.

Have you been searching for a solution to your garden problem for a while now ? Please let us know by using the form below. It is very possible that ELIET is currently working on a solution to your issue. Please do not hesitate in contacting us about your concerns and opinions about existing machines. This will ensure that we can even better harmonise a new generation of ELIET machines with your needs.

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