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Dethatching with ELIET

We had to wait long enough, but spring's finally back!

After the long and harsh winter, moss has taken over in almost every garden. Fastgrowing weeds and moss will take all the light away and smother the grass. It's certainly time to get the lawn back in shape!

The ELIET scarifier machines let the garden shine again in no time. Permanently Sharp BladesTM , powerful professional motors, large wheels with double ball bearings, ... and many other unique features guarantee a reliable machine which gives the grass the necessary breathing space.


Consistent performance:
Permanently Sharp BladesTM with their self-sharpening feature ensure that blades are never blunt and guarantee consistent raking performance throughout their working life.


Low maintenance costs:
ELIET’s special blades wear slowly so you do not need to adjust the depth every time the machine is being used. The unique vertical belt tensioner system minimises wear on the belt transmission.

Durable and reliable:
Avoid problems with equipment while it is out on rental. ELIET scarifiers are robust and virtually indestructible. The welded heavy gauge sheet steel chassis, high quality wheels with large bearings, shock-resistant rubber protection flap, epoxy coating and professional engines are proof of this.

Return On Investment:
Rental companies are doubly rewarded thanks to low maintenance costs and efficient performance that results in consistently satisfied customers..

Folding handle
The handle of the machine can be easily folded away. This minimises the space that the ELIET scarifier are using in your garage or storage space, and also makes it easy to transport in your car.