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The garden in April

Is your green thumb tingling too? You can do the following right now:

Pay attention to the amounts, as too much fertilizer will burn your grass and too little will not produce the desired results. Ask your gardening contractor for assistance if necessary.

If you haven’t pruned your rose bushes yet, this needs to happen soon. This is so as to not delay flowering.

Plant perennials and summer bulbs such as lilies, cannas, et cetera.

Mowing the lawn promotes the quality of every kind of turf, and stimulates the growth of fine grasses that grow in any quality lawn mixture until it becomes a thick carpet of grass. In the spring, once a week is enough, but as we draw closer to the summer, the more we will have to mow. Don’t mow the grass too short in the beginning – 30 mm is a good height in the springtime.

No lawn in your garden yet? Sow a new, level lawn with ELIET lawn machines, which can handle both the preparation work and the seeding.

Give your lawn a nice border. The ELIET Edge Styler has a blade for every kind of border.

Are there bare spots in your lawn? Refurbish it to enjoy a healthy, resilient turf once again. Learn all you need to know about overseeding, the need for good preparation and making the right choice of equipment and seed at www.gazonexpert.be. Did you know for example that when you revitalize a lawn you should choose a different type of seed than you would in normal sowing?