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Revive your lawn after the drought

The hot spring weather and the lack of rain caused a lot of plants to groan under the drought. Not only farmers had trouble with a poor harvest, the gardener also was forced to watch his beautiful lawn discolour day after day from green to brown.

Brown grass is the first call of help and if it is still not raining, the roots dry out and the grass plants die off irrevocably. The dead grass disappears and leaves bare spots in the lawn. These bald spots are the perfect place for weeds and moss to grow... Bye, bye, beautiful ornamental lawn!  

As a "lawn owner" you don't have to despair right away. There is a solution to quickly and inexpensively renovate your lawn. For example, you can have your lawn sown by an overseeder. This involves injecting new grass seed into the existing turf. This seed germinates into new young grass plants that develop between the remaining grass. In this way the lawn grows nicely dense again into a full dense mat. This young grass provides a fresh green color so that the lawn again shines as reborn. It is recommended to sow the lawn just before the start of a period of mild weather with a high degree of certainty for sufficient rain. Therefore the late summer (September & October) is the most suitable period for such a lawn renovation. Moreover, such a renovated lawn gets a long recovery period during the winter time and will bestrengthened as the new garden season stars in spring. An overseeding treatment is done by adapted machines and requires the necessary preparation and aftercare. Therefore, always be assisted by a qualified gardener with lots of experience.