Shredding fun all over the year!

Trees and shrubs take on their autumn leave colours. This beauty of colours makes nature at its best. However, for the gardener, autumn brings a lot of work with it: Aftercare of the lawn, thinning out borders, pruning trees and shrubs and especially clearing leaves and so much more to do! To remove this green waste in an environmentally conscious and efficient way, you can shred this waste and recycle it into compost or mulch.

The Garden in November

Winter is approaching in November and Flowers and plants slowly fall asleep. But especially during this time of the year you can enjoy a few plants which are growing in the chilly winter months. For example, think of the Christmas roses, snowdrops and witch-hazels. Moreover, there is plenty to do in the garden in November.

Agribex 2019 (BE)

03 - 08/12/2019