Mega Prof gasoline



Engine selection37 hp VanguardTM EFI Gasoline
Cylinder capacity (cc)993 cc (VanguardTM)
Number of cylinders2 (VanguardTM)
Shreddable timberdiameterMax diam. 150 mm
CoolingAir-cooled (VanguardTM)
Shredding technologyELIET’s patented Chopping PrincipleTM
Feed intake opening1000 mm x 650 mm (h x w) / Open feed zone: 480 x 1000 mm
Feed height (mm / inch)800 mm
ChassisOne-piece welded hopper (no hinges)
Diameter infeed roller300 mm
Feeder driveHydraulic
Number of blades24 ELIET RESISTTM/10 blades (service life: 200 hours)
Capacity of the fuel tank40 L gasoline
ECO EYE™ systemInclusive
Cutting width480 mm
Transmission Direct 2 V-belt PowerBand transmission
Feed assistanceElectro-Hydraulic adjustment (on dashboard)
LED-illuminated stainless steel push-buttons
Power controlABM (Anti-Block System)
Discharge chute rotation 280°
Hour meteryes


Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch)3500 x 1700 x 2250 mm
Noise level Lw(A)90 dB(A) Lw(A): 115 dB(A)
Noise reductionMuffled chipping chamber / Noise-reduction housing around the engine
Weight748 kg


Multi-purpose grating
Calibrating sieve Ø35 mm