Super Prof Cross Country



Engine selection18 HP B&S Vanguard
Cylinder capacity (cc)570
Number of cylinders2
Shreddable timberdiameter130 mm
Engine start systemelektric
Coolingair cooled
Capacity 6m3 Chips/hour
Shredding technologyELIET Chopping PrincipleTM
Clutchelectromagnetic + integrated brake
Feed intake opening500 x 700 mm / 20 x 28 "
Chopping movements/min.50.000
Wheel traction2 hydraulic wheel engines (250 cc)
Number of knivesELIET RESISTTM/8 (24 pc.)
Hydraulic reservoir13 L
Wheels (Ø x W / material)tracks 180 x 72 x 37 cm
Capacity of the fuel tank18 L
Cutting width480 mm
Transmission V-belt XPA 2120 x 2 Powerband
Feed assistancehydraulic diam. 156 mm


Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch)2000 x 835 x 1450 mm / 80 x 83 x 58"
Weight502 kg / 1109 pounds


Calibrating sieve option
ECO EYETM systemoption
Speed controller for infeed rolleroption
Agriculture Tires